All Star Transporters offers top-of-the line enclosed auto transport and car shipping services! Whether you need a vehicle moved across the state, country or even internationally, All Star Transporters offers an easy solution. As one of the leading carrier authorities, we ensure your auto ships in a timely and secure fashion. With the added level of protection and security that only comes with enclosed auto transport, you can rest assured your car will arrive safe and sound

Easy & Convenient

Time and money are often significant factors in choosing a auto transporter. If you need extra protection for special vehicles, this services is worth the added cost. We recommend an enclosed auto transport for transporting luxury vehicles, exotic sport cars, vintage hotrods, and antique autos

Safe & Secure

The downsides of choosing a fully-enclosed trailer include less ability for the driver to make routine inspections of the vehicles during transit, less fuel efficient than open-air models and fully-enclosed transport is significantly more expensive than its open-air counterpart.

Special Services

  • Enclosed auto transport have hard or soft sides that surround and shield your vehicle during transportation
  • Specialized trucks Include powerful straps that attach to your wheels to firmly secure your vehicle and limit movement
  • Many of our enclosed transporters feature hydraulic lift gates to accommodate low-slung vehicles, a necessity with luxury and exotic auto transport.

Why Use Covered Car Shipping Carriers?

Your car is important, and shipping an automobile can be a stressful experience. Especially for those doing this for the first time! Choosing to have your auto transported in an enclosed carrier is ideal for anyone first and foremost concerned about safety. For that reason those with high-end, luxury vehicles, exotic sport cars, vintage hotrods, and antique autos prefer enclosed carriers over alternative shipping methods. Whether your everyday vehicle or a valuable one-of-a-kind restoration, closed container shipping with Free Auto Transport provides the most sensible and affordable option.

The primary advantage of using covered auto shipping over other options (such as open carrier transportation) is it provides the highest level of security and protection. Not only is the vehicle safeguarded from weather, rocks and other road debris that may be kicked up by the road, it will also be out of view from prying eyes. Should your vehicle be transported over land, the enclosed carrier prevents any unwanted passersby from tampering with or having access to it. This is especially important when shipping high value, rare or classic cars.

With well over half a million cars stolen annually in the United States, and $4.5 billion lost as a result, any extra security that can be provided is a good investment when considering an auto transport service. Even with existing auto insurance in place — an absolute must when shipping your car — haggling with an insurance company over a claim is a headache. Avoid all that by using a highly competent, professional vehicle transport service like A-1. We are one of the leading auto transport carrier companies for a reason!

In the event that you do want the shipped vehicle insured privately, using an shipping service often times can actually lower your premium. Insurance companies are aware that enclosed shipping is the safest way to get an auto from point A to point B with little risk of damage or theft. In fact, many companies that insure auto shippers will offer a discount to companies that use trucks for transport and, in turn, pass that savings along to you.