Shipping more than one vehicle at a time is a great way to maximize the savings and discounts available from an auto transport company. One of the primary costs of moving vehicles is picking up and delivering them to different locations. It’s costly in terms of both the labor involved, as well as the gas needed to make the pick ups and deliveries. For this reason, car shipping companies are more than happy to offer some of their best pricing options for individuals and organizations that need multiple vehicles transported at the same time or to and from the same locations.

Types Of Vehicles We Ship In Multiples

  • Exotic, luxury and high value vehicles
  • Sports cars and muscle cars
  • Classic & vintage automobiles
  • Trucks, pickups and SUVs
  • Vehicles for military personnel
  • Motorcycles, Harley-Davidson’s & sport bikes
  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Race cars & high performance vehicles

These are just a few examples of the types of vehicles that are routinely moved in groups. Larger vehicles like RVs, vans, boats and construction equipment can also be shipped in multiples, though it often depends on their size and what sort of equipment that the auto moving company has available.

Who Ships Multiple Vehicles At The Same Time?

  • Dealerships & rental agencies

    Car dealerships and rental agencies often need to move multiple vehicles at the same time. This allows them to keep their inventory stocked and also save money on the overall cost of moving the cars.

  • Individual owners & families

    It’s not unusual for families or individuals to need more than one vehicle at a time moved either. Typically, this occurs when moving a long distance or when purchasing multiple cars, either online or at auction.

  • Businesses & companies

    Companies that have a fleet of vehicles that are used for business purposes sometimes need to relocate them, either because of a location change, or to just to ship the vehicles to another branch or office.

  • Military

    For members of the armed forces and military families, being relocated can be a regular part of life–and not just for active duty. In addition to the discounts available from shipping more than one vehicle at a time, there’s typically price breaks allotted for being in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard as well. These discounts can be combined with discounts applied to shipping more than one car for extra savings.